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Posted by shashi on June 14, 2006

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I have been here in the UK for almost one year and now I feel that I am used to this atmosphere. The weather of the UK is totally contrasting to the India’s one. In India, it is extremely hot in the summer and sometimes temperature may go high up to 40°C. However, it is totally oppose here in the UK. In winter temperature is around 4 to 5°C and for the whole period we have to wear jackets and sweaters. For me, the last winter was pretty good though it was my first winter season. I didn’t feel uncomfortable and I didn’t moan for such chilly and cold atmosphere. Then spring had come and gone. I was excited as the spring is the season of colours and flowers. We got some pretty sunny days and we felt comfortable going out for shopping and travelling. Now, the summer has come. British people are always excited about summer as they prefer to go for outing in this season. However they also lament when the temperature goes high, sometimes above 25°. Initially I thought that I could adjust with this temperature. It wouldn’t be a great deal for me to be adjusted to temperature of 25°C as I was comfortable in India even at the temperature of 40°C. However now I’ve realised that it is not as simple as I had thought. For last couple of days, the temperature has gone high above 25°C and I am really suffocating in this atmosphere. I am not feeling comfortable sitting at home or going out. I am really surprised that I am sweating at this temperature. I am feeling terribly hot and that’s why I bought a fan yesterday. In the UK you don’t get ceiling fans or the AC. Here, in every room there is heater. There aren’t too many days when you need fans. Yesterday I spent whole day assembling the fan (I didn’t buy table fan. These are too small and I felt that it would be insufficient for home use.) Now I am feeling much better as I am sitting in front of the fan taking a cool air from it and really wishing for a rain.


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