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New Chinese friend: Meag

Posted by shashi on June 16, 2006

Today on Skype, I met with a Chinese student, Meag. He (I am not sure he or she but I assume as ‘he’ as Meag sounds like male name) is preparing for IELTS exam as he wants to go to Australia for further education. He was surfing on the net and he found my name on the linguist forum. He called me as he thought I am Chinese. (I don’t know why he feels my name as Chinese.) He is more worried about his speaking ability and wants to improve it. He is going to appear this exam at the end of next month. I suggested him to join the Linguist and he joined as a free trial member. I think he should give a trial of the linguist and see how it helps him. Though I am a linguist member for about 6 month, it is not good idea to force someone to join the linguist. I personally feel that he should spend 14 days as a trial period, get used to the system and see whether this system helps him or not.( I am sure Linguist will definitely helps him prepare IELTS exam).

I am so sure about it as I have given IELTS exam and I’ve got 7 bands in speaking which is a very good and well accepted standard for all Universities. I think unless and until you don’t use the Linguist system, you will not get familiar with it. You have to spend some time with the system to get used to it and to know about its advantages. The best part of this system is its speaking section where you get chance to speak with native speakers. This not only tears down your fear but boost your confidence. This confidence will help you to get breakthrough in English. For Meag, what I can do is just suggest him to join the linguist and that I have done.


4 Responses to “New Chinese friend: Meag”

  1. Tony said

    Hi Shashi

    If I were you, I would do the same thing to recommed The Linguist to this guy!! ๐Ÿ™‚

    The Linguist is always the best choice for people who want to learn English!! There is no doubt about it”” ๐Ÿ˜‰

  2. Yukiko said

    Hi Shashi,

    I also like the speaking section the best. I’m happy that they have more new tutors or guest speakers like AJ , Rob, and Tom these days.

    I wish they offer or “speaking section” or “writing section” only or we can choose those two alone because I don’t study the contents from the Linguist Library sometimes.
    I study with DVD( movies or dramas) , paperbacks , or magagines instead then.
    On a business point of view, they would get more people to join the Linguist. I got these king of comments on my blog. I am sure there are many English learners who study with authentic contents in a right attitude seek out a chance for an output , that is speaking and writing.

    Having said that, I like the review section to do the quizes. I find the linguist is very kind to answer all the questions for their contents or anything about English on the forum.

    I am lucky to have found this fantastic English learning system with a good deal!

  3. Yukiko said

    Hi , Shashi

    This is Yukiko again.

    I may have been too opinionated in my previous comment.

    Could you deleate the post if you find it distasteful?

    I’m sorry to have troubled you.

  4. shashi said

    hi Yokiko,
    I didn’t find your comment too opinionated. Its your personal opinion and experience. Important point is that you are enjoying studying with the linguist. You said that sometimes you study with DVD. I didn’t follow you. Does it mean you watch DVD and study it? How do you study with DVD? I think while watching movie, you can’t understand everything said in english. You have to watch it over and over again to understand it. Even after watching for several times, suppose you don’t understand some lines then what do you do? It’s just my query.

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