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Posted by shashi on June 23, 2006

Topic: The Linguist Library

Episode notes:

  • In this podcast I talked about the Linguist Library which is core part of linguist language learning system. In this library, there are more than 500 authentic contents available, recorded by native speakers. These contents are divided in categories so you can select the appropriate content of your interest.
  • I prefer to study conversational contents like from family category. I especially like Dr. Laura’s radio show where she speaks to people who call in with their problems. These contents are under category ‘family’.

Your linguistic friend,


Listen online: (episode length: 09:40 minutes)

Linguivocal#episode 2 play_podcast.gif

Downloading episode : ( 9.3 MB size) Right-click on the above MP3 link and chose “Save slink as” to download the file on your computer.

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