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Episode#4 – Tips From Steve

Posted by shashi on June 29, 2006

Discussion with Steve Kaufmann

  • In this episode, I talked to Steve Kaufmann, founder and president of ‘The’. We talked about soccer and about English learning. Steve has given me some very important tips about my English. Here is one of my favourite quotes from his speech “As long as you have enthusiasm, you have got to keep going.” And that’s true. It is not possible for us to keep enthusiasm or interest forever. At a point, you may loose your interest in language learning. You have to keep yourself busy in language learning.
  • When one has interest, it is important to take advantage of that.
  • (On a few occasion, you may hear some strange sounds. These are corrections of my English send by Steve through Skype.)

Your linguistic friend,


Listen online: (episode length: 10:10 minutes)

Linguivocal#episode 4 play_podcast.gif

Downloading episode : ( 4.7MB size) Right-click on the above MP3 link and chose “Save target as” to download the file on your computer.

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2 Responses to “Episode#4 – Tips From Steve”

  1. Yukiko said

    Hi Shashi,

    I was wondering why you like the Linguist that much.

    Are you an ESL student or working in the U.K.?

    Do you prefer Canadian English to British English?

    Just wonedering!


  2. shashi said

    Hi Yokiko,
    It’s hard to explain why I like the Linguist so much. I would just say “It’s the right system I have found on right time.” Once you get through the Linguist, you unknowingly fell in love with it. I am not working yet in the UK but preparing for my exams and I feel if I want to survive in the UK, I have to be good in English communication and that’s why I am learning English.
    I like Canadian accent (may be as we study contents only in Canadian accent) but I prefer to listen to British accent as I am going to deal with British people. For that, I listen to various radio programmes of BBC radio 4 (especially women’s hour).

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