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Episode#10 – Learning English

Posted by shashi on July 26, 2006

Learning English:

  • In this discussion I have been joined by another Linguist member Ken. He is Japanese and lives in Osaka, one of the largest cities in Japan. He has been learning English for more than one year and he is also active member of the Linguist. He is very good piano teacher and he is musician by profession.

  • In this episode we discuss about our English learning. How we started learning English, what was the reason behind learning English, various methods we have used to improve our English and some of our strategies about learning English.

  • It’s a huge time difference between UK and Japan, so we got problem adjusting convenient time for both of us.

  • As we both are learning English, you may find some mistakes in our discussion (perticulary by me) but that is part of learning process. The aim of our discussion is to improve our speaking skills and we are working on it. Hope you will enjoy this episode. We are waiting for your comments and your suggestions.

Your linguistic friends,

Shashi and Ken

Listen online: (episode length: 19:27 minutes)

Linguivocal#episode 10 play_podcast.gif

Downloading episode : ( 9 MB size) Right-click on the above MP3 link and chose “Save target as” to download the file on your computer.

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9 Responses to “Episode#10 – Learning English”

  1. Ken said

    Hi, Shashi. I listened to the recording. Thanks for making effort to add some comments and music! It was cool! I was a little embarrased to listen to my our voice and also my English mistakes, but I don’t care! That was fun!

    Thanks again, Shashi. Take care. See-ya!

  2. Tony said

    Hi Shashi,

    I enjoyed listening to this podcast show. 🙂 As for your podcast, interview format is more interesting than you talk to yourself.

    Two weeks ago, I tried to record my free talking in English but I failed. I felt strange that I talked to my self. It is very hard for me to talk to myself and record it. I feel it is not naturally and I don’t get used to do it. However, conversations and interviews are easier and happier for to do it.

  3. shashi said

    Hi Ken,
    It was nice to talk to you. I think we can do better next time. You are right.. we shouldn’t care about our mistakes otherwise we won’t be able to speak freely. Our efforts are not to make ideal podcast but to practice on our speaking and we can improve only by practising and that we have to keep going on.

  4. shashi said

    Hi Tony,
    Thanks for your encouraging comments. I am happy that you enjoyed this episode. It is sometime very hard to record ourself as we are not used to this but after some efforts you can do it. and offcourse it is more easier to do interview or conversation as you can get back up from your other member.

  5. Yukiko said

    Hi Shashi,

    I enjoyed this podcasting!

    First of all, it started out nicely with a music♪

    You have a great hosting skill as well as writing which I always admire!!

  6. shashi said

    Thanks Yukiko,
    for your nice words…

  7. hirosegawa said

    Hi, Shashi,

    I came here and listened this discussion and enjoyed it.
    You talked nicely. And music in the begining and in the end is wonderful!

    I couldn’t speak English very well.
    It is one of the reason I choose The Linguist.
    Steve said in one of his podcast that language learners should aim to speak fluently.

    You live in UK? I have not been to UK. But I am going to visit London and Cambridge in September. I will attend at a summer school in the Newton Institute. I hope I am able to speak English with confident then than now.

    By the way, thanks for your comment in my blog.

  8. shashi said

    Hi hirosegawa,
    You are planning to come to the UK for summer camps? That’s amazing. I hope you will do better with the help of summer school. Actually I live near to Cambridge so; I am hoping we can meet each other. I am looking foreword to see you soon…

  9. hirosegawa said

    Yes, I am going to the UK in September and attend at international conferences in the Newton Institute. I will stay at a university dormitory in Cambridge. This is the second time I attend at an international conference in a foreign country. I am a bit nervous.

    I am grateful if I can meet you. If ok, will you send me an email? I will send you more detail plan after you send me an email.

    See you later!

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