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Episode#11 – School and summer vacation

Posted by shashi on August 1, 2006

School and summer vacation :

  • In this episode, Ken and I talked on School and summer vacation. In India, we get one month’s summer vacation, usually in the month of May. Our academic year starts on first week of June. We usually don’t have any assignments for summer vacation. We give annual exam in April and then we go for summer vacation and our results come out when we rejoin the school. So we usually are tension free during vacation.
  • Some students join private classes during vacation while some join summer camps. We do lots of enjoyment and usually arrange some short trips to nearby places. When I was kid I used to go to my grandpa’s home. He lived in a small village and he had lots of sugarcane fields. I learned lots of things during my summer vacation like swimming and cycling.
  • In Japan, summer vacation is also for only one month and usually in the month of April. Kids get lots of assignments in the vacation and they need to spend more time on their study. Ken also used to visit his grandpa’s home and he lived on an island. So he got lots of fresh fish to eat when he visits there.
  • As we use Skype for recording, some times it doesn’t work good (like today) and quality may not be good.
  • How about your country? When do you get summer vacation and how do you remember your summer holidays?

Your linguistic friend,


Listen online: (episode length: 21:19 minutes)

Linguivocal#episode 11 play_podcast.gif

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7 Responses to “Episode#11 – School and summer vacation”

  1. yuka said

    your India life is really interesting. I’m enjoying your podcast and vox posting.
    by the way sorry for your hair cut. it was so fanny 🙂

  2. Steve said

    Hi Shashi,

    I am not sure where to comment here. Congratulations on the professional job you are doing on your podcasts. If you are interested I would be glad to talk to you and be on one of your podcasts. I think you do a better job than we do here. I would like to explore what software you use and how set the whole thing up. Perhaps we can enjoy an Indian meal together when I next visit the UK.


  3. shashi said

    Hi Yuka,
    I am glad that you are enjoying this podcast. and my vox blog. you know yuka, for me, voxing is the way to communicate with other learners and tutors. I really enjoy vox. I am waiting for you to be a voxer…

  4. shashi said

    Hi Steve,
    It’s a really overwhelming comment….you’ve not only wished to be on my podcast but you also liked to have a meal with me!!!!!!!
    That will be my dream meal…..

    And that will be my dream episode to have my ‘guru’ on my podcast (but I don’t know how I will manage to talk to you or better way I will just listen to you).
    I use audacity freeware to edit my podcast.

    Once again thanks Steve for such an encouraging comment..

  5. Tony said

    Hi Shashi,

    You got lucky!! Wow, Steve will join your podcast show as a specail guest. Great!! I can’t wait to listen to your interview with Steve.

    Besides, having a fantastic meal with Steve in UK is so amazing!! I think that it is the best gift for a great Linguist member like you!!

  6. Ken said

    Hey, Shashi! What’s up? What a great idea to invite Steve to your show. You know what, I have an idea. How about inviting each menber of the Linguist upon your podcast show? I know that you are a great host!

    Your are really active for podcasting and blogings. I have visited your other site as well. You are not only a good English speaker but also an English writer. I wanna catch up with you!

  7. shashi said

    @ Tony..
    Thanks Tony..and I am thinking about how to talk with Steve..It would be more difficult than our normal discussion

    @ Ken
    Inviting each member of linguist? not a bad idea.. i will think over it…but you know i am happy with whatever I am doing…I have got good podcast partner like you …

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