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Episode#12 – Smita: An Indian accustomed to the UK

Posted by shashi on August 13, 2006

An Interview with my wife: Smita

  • In this episode I have talked to my wife about her English proficiency and life in the UK.
  • She studied in convent (English medium) school and she had started to speak in English when she was three. She used to practice speaking English with her siblings and friends. She had put more emphasise on reading and speaking.
  • When she came to the UK, initially she got problem understanding British accent but now she is used to it and can communicate with them fluently. She can not only communicate properly but can also take part in jokes. She has more or less become familiar with British culture as well.
  • She has one colleague who is Canadian and she sometimes find it difficult to understand Canadian accent. She is now spending more time with her to learn Canadian accent.
  • She advised me to practice speaking English with her (I’ve never thought in this way. She can be a good tutor for me and now onwards, I will try to speak in English with her)

Your linguistic friend,


Listen online: (episode length: 19:39 minutes)

Linguivocal#episode 12 play_podcast.gif

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2 Responses to “Episode#12 – Smita: An Indian accustomed to the UK”

  1. yuka said

    Her opinion were really persuasive! I’m envious that you have such a nice wife. I like her “Your English???” 😀

  2. shashi said

    She spoke in this tone because she always tell me to practise English with her but I never done this. I dont want to speak in English with her and i love to speak in our native language. She always complaint for this that I don’t practise English with her. Now I have decided to practise at least half an hour with her… 🙂

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