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Episode#13 – Blogging and English Learning

Posted by shashi on August 21, 2006

Blogging and English Learning :


  • In recent times, blogs have emerged as an efficient language learning tools. More and more language learners use blogs to share as well as to work on their language learning.
  • Initially I had started this blog to work on my English writings. I used to write about my progress in English. I also used to write about activities around the Linguist and this blog has helped me make new friends who have the same interest of English learning. Also blogging helps me keep motivated.
  • Ken also has two blogs one in English and one in Japanese. Initially Japanese learners tended to write in Japanese only, but now more and more Japanese learners write in English.
  • We have the Linguist Vox community where most of the Linguist members have blog. All learners write regularly and it is kind of fun as well as an English school. We can communicate easily with other language learners as well as tutors. Through blogging, we get new friends and we will be connected to outer language world.
  • Do you have any blog where you write about your English learning and what is your experience?

Your linguistic friend,


Listen online: (episode length: 24:49 minutes)

Linguivocal#episode 13


Downloading episode : ( 11 MB size) Right-click on the above MP3 link and chose “Save target as” to download the file on your computer.

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