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Episode#14 – Hitomi: An enthusiatic Linguist member from Japan

Posted by shashi on September 11, 2006

Hitomi – An enthusiastic Linguist member from Japan

  • Hitomi is Japanese Linguist member lives in Japan with her three dogs. She had been in US for one year for her education and now she works in Japan. She has joined the Linguist four months back and she is enjoying her English study.
  • She is the first member of Linguist Vox Community and regularly writes about her English adventure as well as her dogs.
  • She usually spend at least one hour studying English and spend more time listening to audio contents from linguist library. Her work place is about thirty minutes away and she uses this time to listen to English contents.
  • In her job, she has to write letters to customers in English and sometime she uses linguist system to correct her writings.
  • We also talk about Steve’s podcast (which is going to start in a few days)
  • She is one of the members of THY group and she enjoys talking in this discussion group. She loves to talk about food

Your linguistic friend,

Listen online: (episode length: 24:55 minutes)

Linguivocal#episode 14


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