podcast and blog about my English learning

My study plan

I have decided to study with linguist systematically. I spend around three hours daily on linguist. Following is my daily schedule.

All weekdays (from 5pm to 8pm)

First hour: Selection of new content from library. Firstly, I listen the content properly again and again. Then I start to save words that are strange to me or I am not confident about them. I usually select a small part of content; I listen to it, save the words and then move on to other parts. After upgrading the known words, I again listen to full content. Now I can understand the pronunciation of words, which I couldn’t understand when I listen it initially. Then I start to save the phrases.

Second hour: After finishing the content I start to review the words and phrases that I have just saved. Now I can find some words, which are not totally strange to me. The words, which are totally new for me, I save them separately in word document. The same thing is repeated with phrases. Now I have sorted words and phrases, which are totally strange to me.

Third hour: In this hour I work on my writing skill. I usually write in my blog such as my diary where I write about my daily activities, some new things. I try to use words and phrases that I am learning.


I review all content of the week. I work on ‘word and phrase review’ section and test my words and phrases. I also work on my pronunciation by recording my voice and compare it with native speaker.


On Sunday I participate in-group discussion where I speak with other member and tutor. I try to use new words. After finishing the discussion I try to find out the mistakes that I have made and note them. I do my weekly report on sunday.


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