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Fairy Tales

Posted by shashi on April 10, 2006

Topic: Fairy Tales

Hostess: Ruth

Participants: Ruth, Shashi,

Time: Monday 10 March, 04:00 PM LOndon

Tutor: Tracy


My Thoughts:


Fairy Tales are stories those often involve princes and princesses and modern versions usually have happy ending. It has been considered that India is the Home of the Fairy Tale, and that all European fairy tales have been brought from thence by Crusaders, by Mongol missionaries, by Gipsies, by Jews, by traders, by travellers. Though Indian fairy tales are earliest in existence, yet they are also in another point of view the youngest. For it is about twenty-five years ago that some writers began the modern collection of Indian fairy tales. It's because most of the fairy tales were not in written format, instead they were passed down generations by generations by word of mouth.

In India popular fairy tales are panchtantra, Jatak's tales, Aesop's fable, Akabar and Birble, Arabian nights and so on. Panchtantra are famous Indian stories quite similar to the Aesop's Fables, also based on the Animal Kingdom, but with an Indian context, and make for some fun readings. The Hindu's believe in reincarnation, i.e. life after death. The Bodhisattva, or the Buddha came in many forms – man, elephant, dear etc. The Jataka tales are his life stories as various life forms, spreading the message of justice. These tales will show you how good ultimately triumphs over evil. These stories sharpen your wits. ‘Akabar and Birbal' are stories based on king Akabar and King Akbar's famous, clever and witty advisor: Birbal. ‘Arabian's night' stories are full of magic lamps, wish-granting genies, valiant heroes & damsels in distress. Discover the voyages of Sindbad the gallant sailor, the adventures of Ali Baba and the forty thieves and many more mysterious and enchanting Arabic tales.

When I was a little child, my grandmother and my mother used to tell me such fairy tales. I was really fascinated by the way prince saves the life of princes, I was always curious to know how they lived in such big castle, how they ride on horse, how they fought the battle. The fairy tales that I liked the most was Aladdin and the wonderful lamp. Whenever Aladdin found himself in trouble he used to rub on the lamp and a genie used to come out of lamp. The genie was like a servant and he obeyed the order of Aladdin and provid him whatever he wants. I always thought that if I had such magic lamp it would have been so grateful.

I think fairy tales are good way to help children develop vivid imagination and good reading habits. Also by telling them stories we increase their grasping power and also power of imagination. It also increases their vocabulary and help them understand the things like king and his kingdom, some good living ways, about justification and we generate some humour in them.



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Traditional Indian marriage

Posted by shashi on March 18, 2006

Topic: Role of ceremony in our life
Date: 18 Th March, at 11:00 PM
1. Describe a memorable event in your life.
When the event took place
Where the event took place
What happened exactly?
Why this event was memorable for you
2. How important are ceremonies in our lives?
3. Do you feel the role of ceremonies changing in recent time in your country?

It was a quite wonderful discussion with Koharu as we shared some traditional and cultural ceremonies amongst two countries. In India there are lots of ceremonies performed for different periods and events in life and for death such as birth ceremony, naming ceremony, wedding ceremony and death. We also celebrate opening ceremony of new home or new shop.

Marriage is an important part of Hindu traditions. In India we mostly prefer to have a traditional marriage also called as an arranged marriage. In arranged marriage, parents look for prospective match for their son or daughter within their community mainly by word of mouth. Then they match the horoscope(which is astrological chart based on the time of birth) of son or daughter with the help of priest who has astrological knowledge in match making of kundali. Once the kundali is matched then further talk is considered. Usually parents of son go to the house of daughter where both families meet with each other and girl and guy get some time to know each other (which is around half an hour. quite strange isn’t it?). Once there is an agreement from both sides then auspicious time is chosen for wedding to take place.

Families spend lots of money for the wedding ceremony of their children even at the expense of running into debts. The whole wedding ceremony can take up to a week depending on the local customs. All relatives and friends are invited for the ceremony and minimum guest list can start anywhere from 500. There is a live music on and people from the side of groom dance in front of the band before coming to the wedding venue. Vedic rituals then performed and all relatives and friends bless the couple. A delicious food is then served to all invitees.

There are so many rituals involved in wedding, which involve priest-chanting mantras of various prayers. An important component of wedding is the sacred fire that is the witness of ceremony. Modern Hindu weddings are often shorter and don’t involve all the traditional rituals but still it takes up around three to four days to complete the function.

In the pictures you see the sacred fire in to which the offerings of the puffed rice is being made by the couple jointly while chanting mantras.

The offerings are for propitiation and for wellbeing. Puffed rice is only a token.

The pendants worne by the couple on their fore head during the wedding ceremony are of flowers or beads or pearls. They are traditional

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Finding a job

Posted by shashi on March 10, 2006

SK group discussion 

Topic: finding a job

Member: shashi and Koharu

Date: Thursday 9 Th march at 10:30

Content studied: Steve and Fraser talk about finding a job


  1. How to apply for a job? Do you have any special advice on resume and covering letter?
  2. How should we prepare for job interview?
  3. Your experience regarding job search.

My comments

This discussion was really good as we both could manage to speak for an hour. We discussed on varieties of aspects of job finding. Every body has to face the job interview at least once in a life. I was not familiar with the resume until I came to UK. In India we usually don’t require to send typical professional CV’s. Most of the jobs are filled by local candidate either by direct interviews or by personal contacts. I have worked for three hospitals but I didn’t require CV’s for those jobs, indeed I got those jobs just because of my personal contacts. The situation is different in other countries. Koharu told me that in Japan there is fierce competition for job-hunting but you can manage to get a job. She told me a strange thing that in Japan there is an increasing trend in people to remain jobless and they are called as ‘parasite singles’.
I personally feel that the writing CV is an art and those who are more creative in it would get more chances. Resume is the first impression and it is the opportunity to impress your employer. If your resume is not attractive then you are more likely not been called even though you may have competitive degrees and expertise. I haven’t faced any job interview and I find myself a bit reluctant for it. One reason is that I feel a little apprehension about interview and I always think that I will flounder during my interview. Now as I am working hard on my speaking I will get the desired confidence and I will face the interview more with confidence.

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Debut discussion with Koharu

Posted by shashi on March 4, 2006

In this afternoon I had a conversation with my new friend from Japan: Koharu. She told that in Japanese, Koharu means small spring (it means now I can understand Japanese, at least I know two words ko and haru) She is from kuto and she works at Translation Company. To my surprise, her English is quite good even though she has joined the linguist only in last month. Her job is one and half-hour away from her home and she uses this travelling time to listen to English content. I really admire her devotion and her willingness to learn English. 

We have decided to discuss certain topics once or twice a week. It’s a positive step towards language learning. I believe in Steve and he emphasised that we should treat the opportunity to speak as a chance to test out our new words and as an incentive to keep studying. I also believe that more and more we try to speak, more and more we get fluent.

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Indian cinema on the edge of Oscar

Posted by shashi on March 3, 2006

Today’s discussion was the most wonderful discussion ever since I have been with the linguist. Today I participated in discussion conducted by Jill and other members were Ai, Koharu and Yuka, all from Japan. We broadly discussed about films: Hollywood, Bollywood and Japanese cinema.

Indian cinema, also called as Bollywood, is the second largest film industry after Hollywood. We have almost 1000 cinemas each year, including the regional films and it is the biggest industries in itself. We have produced some cinemas, which are as competent as Hollywood movies. Indian cinemas are more family oriented than western cinemas. They differ in many ways from western cinemas. Indian cinema is typically three hour’s movie as it is full of songs and dances. The music is the sole part of Indian cinema. Every film has at least four to five songs, pictured on actors and actress. Since recent past, this trend has been changing and now films are more action oriented as opposed to family drama.

More and more Indian cinemas are now released all over the western countries like UK, Canada, USA and so on. These overseas released films sometimes collect more on box-office in the foreign countries than in India. Not only the Indian emigrants but also some of the native speaker would like to watch these Hindi films. Indian cinema has produced some of the greatest films ever but still we are waiting for an Oscar award. I think the main reason for that is the length of Hindi movie. These are quite longer and western people might get bored watching them. Indians can just wait and hope, finger crossed, that some of these movies may persuade the juries and will won the Oscar.

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Winter olympic and Indian sports

Posted by shashi on March 1, 2006

Today I have participated in the discussion with Steve. It was really wonderful discussion and we talked about winter Olympic and the role of India in Olympic.

I was not familiar with the winter Olympic until I came to UK. I also didn’t know the fact that there are two different types of Olympic, which are held in summer and winter. I saw this Turin Olympic just as a curiosity and now I have become a good fan of skiing, especially downfall skiing. It’s a game of speed and determination. I loved to watch skiing as well as snowboard cross.  I still remember that moment. It was snowboard cross women’s final and four players had started to go down. One of them had taken a lead of a far distance over the others and she was just to finish the race. She had almost won the gold medal but a twist occurred in the game. When she was quite a few meters away from the final line, she lost her balance and she fell away from the track. Finally, she had to satisfy with the silver medal.

When I think about India in relation with Olympic, as opposed to other nations, it has not that brighter future. There are so many reasons for downgrading in Olympic. In India, cricket is the only national game that people want to see and want to play. They don’t want to play other games and even they don’t want to watch them. As a result, other games are still at their primary level. They haven’t grown up. Off curse tennis is an exception and thanks to Saniya Mirza. If Indians really want to come out of this draught of medals, they have got to come out of cricket mania first. 

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SKY Group discussion 19 Feb

Posted by shashi on February 21, 2006

Sunday’s discussion topic

Topic: Busiest month of the year

Studied content:  ‘Busiest month of the year’ from ‘the linguist digest’

Time and date: Sunday 19 Feb. at 01:00 PM

Group member: Shashi, Kumiko, Yoko, Macuno

Hostess: Yoko

Tutor: Tracy  

My comments:     

 This was our debut discussion. The discussion was quite good and Yoko conducted it in a good way. When I think about the busiest month of the year, the November comes in front of me immediately. This is the month that every Hindu feels busy as Diwali the greatest festival of Hindu comes in this month.

Usually this festival starts in mid November but preparations goes on far earlier. We have to clean the house, paint the house, lightening and so on. Diwali is festival of food also. There are a lot of verities of food that is prepared and served to family members. There is a kind of family get together during the diwali. My sister and brother in low come to our house to celebrate it. During the festival we also used to do some fireworks.     

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Discussion on 19/02/06

Posted by shashi on February 18, 2006

Sunday’s discussion topic

Topic: Busiest month of the year

Studied content:  ‘Busiest month of the year’ from ‘the linguist digest’

Time and date: Sunday 19 Feb. at 01:00 PM

Group member: Shashi, Kumiko, Yoko, Macuno

Hostess: Yoko

Tutor: Tracy


1.Which is your busiest month of the year and why?

2.Which is the month that you looking forward and why?

3.What do you like to do when you get long vacation? 

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group discussion

Posted by shashi on February 15, 2006

Today I have participated in my first group discussion. Tutor Jill conducted this discussion and the other members were Yoko, Ai and Marsel. Marsel is from Switzerland and other two members are from Japan. I really enjoyed the discussion, as Jill was very nice and supportive. We talked on varies topics from hobbies to holiday, from music to Olympic and so on. I think we talked more about the things related with Switzerland. Marsel is quite good in communication. He told a lot about his country. Yoko was late and she joined us a little bit later as her baby was awake. She is also a member of our group and our group discussion is on Sunday.

Jill told us about winter Olympic which is conducted by Canada. She told that not a single woman from Canada has ever won the medal and every body is waiting for that moment and expecting this will happen in this winter.

Jill and Yoko also like the yoga as I like. Yoko does yoga, as she wants her body in shape. She doesn’t do exercises separately and also she doesn’t go to gym. She told that she had to walk a lot to get the train and that much exercise was sufficient for her. Overall the discussion was pretty good and I have gained a confidence that I can talk to other as well.

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My first discussion with tutor Jill

Posted by shashi on February 5, 2006

Everyone who is new on The Linguist is very much excited about his first discussion.So, I am.Here are some excerpts from my first discussion with tutor Jill Soles.

[23/01/06 17:19:00]jillsoles says:                                        

Hi Shashikant, It was very nice to meet you today. I look forward to speaking with you again soon. Here are a few corrections for you” 1. You said, “They speak fastly.”- “They speak quickly” is correct.  2. “She is nurse.”- “She is a nurse.” Don’t forget articles. 3. “She working here since one year.”- This is a very difficult construction for everybody learning English. Try to memorize this form: “She has been working here for one year.”
[23/01/06 17:19:03] jillsoles says:                                    

I will send you an email with some content suggestions.
[23/01/06 17:19:16] jillsoles says:                                   

Have a great afternoon!

[23/01/06 17:25:51] shashikant ingale says:                    

thanks a lot! I think I will never make these mistakes again.thanks for ur valuable guidance.have a nice day
[23/01/06 17:31:28] jillsoles says:                                   

No problem. Don’t worry if you make these mistakes again. It is through mistakes that you will learn. Often, people need to make the same mistakes several times before they really understand those mistakes. Take care.

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