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Multiculturalism and language

Posted by shashi on May 18, 2006

In this podcast, Steve talks about multiculturalism and language. Following are the words and phrases that I found difficult for me.

Listen to podcast: button_audio.gif

Difficult words and phrases:

  • I am going to stray a little bit from subject of language learning -to start talking about a different subject from the one you should be giving attention to.
  • Firm beliefs -the feeling of certainty that something exists or is true.
  • Travel a great deal: travel a lot
  • Culture is not tied to your ancestry: Ancestor means the former generations of somebody's family while descendent is a person who is related to someone and who lives after them, such as their child or grandchild.
  • Ethnic origin: related to same national or cultural group.
  • Heritage: features belonging to the culture of a particular society, such as traditions, languages or buildings, which still exist from the past and which have a historical importance.
  • Convoluted: describes sentences, explanations and arguments, etc. that are unreasonably long and difficult to understand.
  • This is typical of convoluted and self-contradictory thinking that a lot of intellectuals at our universities are peddling to young people: If you peddle stories or information, you spread them by telling different people.
  • Secular: not having any connection with religion.
  • Obligation: something that you must do.
  • Staying power: If someone has staying power they always manage to continue doing what they have to do until it is finished.

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corrections in the article ‘if snow were warm’

Posted by shashi on March 19, 2006

My article if snow were warm have been corrected by tutor Tracy and I have made a lot of mistakes, right from trouble with articles to common spelling mistakes. Here are some corrections made by tutor:

1. With articles:· A jacket, a t-shirt, a sweater

· In their white coat instead of in his white coat

2. Verb:· If you thought of going out without a jacket you would definitely be chilled to the bone. Instead of ‘ if you would think of going out without ……’

· The trails have vanished’ instead of ‘ the trails are vanished.’

· ‘It would be so wonderful if snow were warm’ instead of ‘it would have been so wonderful if snow were warm.’

3. Phrase:· Be chilled to the bone:

Means be very cold
4.spelling mistakes:· In the morning everyone engages in scraping their cars.

Scraping and scrapping are two different words with different meanings. Scraping (scrape) means scrubbing. Scrapping (scrap) means throwing away or to not continue with plan or system.· If the snow were warm.

Warm and worm are two different words. Warm means hot while worm means parasitic worm like roundworm or threadworm.

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Dr. Laura:wife wants baby and husband wants new wife

Posted by shashi on March 9, 2006

Sometimes while speaking with native speaker I make mistakes and make them laugh but it doesn’t bother me at all. (Annoy, worried, upset)

After this issue, you have got to leave your husband but don’t make that an idle threat because if it is an idle threat, don’t bother. (Without any purpose). You have got to confront your husband regarding this issue. Without confrontation this matter won’t be solved. It is ridiculous that he scold on you for such minor things. It clearly intends that he doesn’t want to live with you. Indeed, I would say he never intended to have a child from you. It is not his fault, indeed it’s his upbringing that steer him away. I always insist that you should leave your husband, as his behaviour is always resentful. You have got to act on it right now, because you are not getting any younger and your ovaries will shout down if you wait and he is counting on that. It’s waste of time to work on it and you have to take a final decision.



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The end times

Posted by shashi on March 5, 2006

In some legendary stories it is written that a huge flood had destroyed the whole world far years ago. It was happened because the sin on the earth was grown too much. God had destroyed everything and created a new world, today’s world. Is it the time that the world would be destroyed again?
Some people say that the mega-tsunami will destroy the world while some believes it would be destroyed by giant volcano. There may be a possibility of an alien invasion. There are many near objects floating around in space and if one of these objects hit the earth there could be massive destruction. Now days, there is a fear of nuclear warfare as more and more countries acquiring nuclear weapons. Some of the evil governments and terror groups are harvesting the biological weapons. Some diseases which are eradicated or which could destroy the world in a short time are preserved by these groups and they can release them whenever they want.
By and large, there are so many possibilities and so many legends concerned with the end times. But there is no need to be afraid of it and we should keep belief in god.    

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The language adventure 1-6

Posted by shashi on February 28, 2006

If you want to improve your English you need a determination (firm decision) and willingness. It’s really fascinating that you can learn all aspects of language with the Linguist. The ultimate goal of language learning is to become fluent as native speakers; no matter whatever time it takes.

In my initial days of English learning, I would always emphasise more on watching TV programme and reading newspaper. These are good methods as you can learn new words but you can’t retain these learned words for further use. You just listen, partly understand and then the words are lost. You need some system that enables you to retain the words and The Linguist is the best recommendation. You can work on it regardless of your knowledge, age and your level. You save the words and phrases and then you try to use them deliberately in your writing. Soon you will not just relay on the translated meaning but you will take more initiative to use them in natural conversation.

Now you will enjoy the learning and you will put in the time necessary for it. If you want to be able to pronounce as a native, you have to work on pronunciation section. Once you find that you can learn, you will put more time into learning and you will soon find that you will be able to pronounce better than ever.

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About the Linguist

Posted by shashi on February 25, 2006

You should seek (ask) medical advise before the use of any medicine. I am seeking (try to find) a job, which is suitable for me. As, being at home I have a lot of time, I have decided to seek out (look for) some information on accommodation on the Internet.

If you choose realistic context, you will learn better. Sometimes, you couldn’t be able to understand the meaning of isolated word without its related context. You can improve the correct usage of words and phrases by seeking them in various contexts.

The explanations given by tutors are more persuasive than the English dictionaries.

When you write something, don’t get exaggerate. Instead, keep it as simple as possible.

When you study a new language, you require some incentives to keep you with it. You will find a lot of incentives within the linguist. Don’t bother or feel embarrassed when you come across a word that you can’t pronounce. Try to pretend as if you are native speaker. You can acquire a new vocabulary by reading various contents over and over again. Keep in touch with ‘measure’ section to see how much you have accomplished

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Vancouver Board of Trade

Posted by shashi on February 24, 2006

If you want to become fluent, you have got to get over the fear and you should participate actively in group discussions, as it will bolster your confidence.

There are a lot of obstacles in life, which come in a way of success.

There is a big controversy regarding the issue of mercy death.

Acupuncture, homeopathy and reflexology are all forms of complementary medicine. I take it as a compliment when people say I look like my mother. I must compliment (express admiration) you on your success. Company gives a complimentary air ticket with a mobile phone.

His paintings depict the life of an ordinary person.

If you want that job your language have got to be impressive.

I work downtown, but I live in the poplars area that is two miles away.

I usually steer the car carefully around the potholes. I would like to steer our discussion back to our topic.

If you want to become a successful businessman, you should have some sort of mindsets. 


If I am not mistaken, this car cost you around thousand pound.

I will be back in a while till you guys carry on the show.

Don’t try to pull the handle otherwise it will come away.

In the linguist, it would be more beneficial if you started off with some introductory content.

I always saw him in the corner of the town centre handing out some sort of leaflets. The linguist has put on some discussions only for the beginner level students.

Write down the name, on your identity card, that you want to be called by.

You have to listen over and over again, and get into the habit of reading while listening

The film stars don’t want their affairs to get out in news. Don’t get out of the train till it stops. We usually don’t get out so much since we have been here in UK.

If you ever want to become fluent in English, you have got to get over the fear of making mistakes.

I think we have got on wrong bus. When I get on the train I usually keep the ticket by hand. I am getting on really well in the new house.

Take a look at the back page of newspaper: it is full of blood and gore.

I moved in our new house before the contract finished.

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A short tour of Mars

Posted by shashi on February 23, 2006

I am really happy in my life as I have everything that I have ever wanted.

I don’t have that much money yet I am happy.

I found that it is really necessary to be in the habit of writing to improve your speaking. I have found that to practice speaking is more beneficial than just reading content.

Our scientists are more concern about exploring the universe. The process of oil and gas exploration goes on a long run as the world is always in need for them.

In the big libraries such as one at Stevenage, you will look at thousands of books. If you want a job, you should look at local newspapers.

Up until now, no human has been to Mars. Up until now, no one has won the world cup on three consecutive times in the history of cricket.

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