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My Podcast

Linguivocal: My English podcast

I have been learning English with Learn English @ TheLinguist since Jan 06. When I first came to UK, my English was very poor. I learned English in school but that was academic oriented and I never talked in English. After coming to the UK, I joined the Linguist web site to improve my English and now I am confident enough to talk to native speaker (even though there is still a lot of scope for improvement.)

I have decided to create this podcast recently. There are few things behind this idea.

  • I can share my experiences of English learning with others.
  • By creating podcast, I can practice on my speaking and pronunciation. As I speak on subject without preparing notes beforehand, it will help me work on my vocabulary and can boost my confidence.
  • To motivate people to learn English. When I was in India, I never got any motivation from others to learn English. I think if you want to learn English, you have to be enthusiastic and that’s why I’ve created this podcast.
  • I think word of mouth publicity is best way of publicity. So I want to do publicity of ‘The Linguist’ system. Even if one member is motivated to join this site by listening my podcast, that will be more satisfactory for me.

I hope you will enjoy this podcast…


One Response to “My Podcast”

  1. Nitin Deshmukh said

    Mr. Ingle, I am Nitin
    I am with my frnds Amit Vivek we are in stevenage for last 2 month..
    We are software professional…
    WE may live here for lon term..
    Realyy I am facing problem of English over here….

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