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Some useful podcasts for ‘English Learning’

Posted by shashi on November 12, 2006

Podcasting is the great media for language learning and there are some good podcast out there which can help us to improve our English. There are some learners who don’t know much about podcasting and that’s why I have decided to introduce this to others.In simple terms, podcast is nothing but an audio file that you can download on your computer. Podcasters record their episode and publish it online on the net and you can download it by using some software.

If you want to download podcast then you need specific software. The most common and easy to use software is iTunes. First you have to download this software. For this just click on this link and follow the instructions. Once you have installed iTunes then you can download various podcasts just by clicking on iTunes address provided below. When you click podcast address (as few of them provided below) iTunes podcast page will open. Then just click on Subscrite button and you will get download all episodes of that perticular podcast.

1. Steve’s podcast – Steve talks about language learning
2. My podcast – It’s my podcast where I talk to other linguist members about English learning
3. Bob and Rob show – podcast about English learning both in American and British accent
4. BBC Women’s hour – daily podcast about women’s issues. With British accent ..
5. BBC news – daily news with British accent
6. ESL podcast very nice podcast, covers all the aspects of English learning.
7. English Babylearn English with English lessions based on movies and music
If anybody knows about other useful podcast please share it here so that others can take advantage of it.


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