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Discussion group of Shashi, Ruth, Kolbjorn and Kunthan

Fairy Tales

Posted by shashi on April 10, 2006

Topic: Fairy Tales

Hostess: Ruth

Participants: Ruth, Shashi,

Time: Monday 10 March, 04:00 PM LOndon

Tutor: Tracy


My Thoughts:


Fairy Tales are stories those often involve princes and princesses and modern versions usually have happy ending. It has been considered that India is the Home of the Fairy Tale, and that all European fairy tales have been brought from thence by Crusaders, by Mongol missionaries, by Gipsies, by Jews, by traders, by travellers. Though Indian fairy tales are earliest in existence, yet they are also in another point of view the youngest. For it is about twenty-five years ago that some writers began the modern collection of Indian fairy tales. It's because most of the fairy tales were not in written format, instead they were passed down generations by generations by word of mouth.

In India popular fairy tales are panchtantra, Jatak's tales, Aesop's fable, Akabar and Birble, Arabian nights and so on. Panchtantra are famous Indian stories quite similar to the Aesop's Fables, also based on the Animal Kingdom, but with an Indian context, and make for some fun readings. The Hindu's believe in reincarnation, i.e. life after death. The Bodhisattva, or the Buddha came in many forms – man, elephant, dear etc. The Jataka tales are his life stories as various life forms, spreading the message of justice. These tales will show you how good ultimately triumphs over evil. These stories sharpen your wits. ‘Akabar and Birbal' are stories based on king Akabar and King Akbar's famous, clever and witty advisor: Birbal. ‘Arabian's night' stories are full of magic lamps, wish-granting genies, valiant heroes & damsels in distress. Discover the voyages of Sindbad the gallant sailor, the adventures of Ali Baba and the forty thieves and many more mysterious and enchanting Arabic tales.

When I was a little child, my grandmother and my mother used to tell me such fairy tales. I was really fascinated by the way prince saves the life of princes, I was always curious to know how they lived in such big castle, how they ride on horse, how they fought the battle. The fairy tales that I liked the most was Aladdin and the wonderful lamp. Whenever Aladdin found himself in trouble he used to rub on the lamp and a genie used to come out of lamp. The genie was like a servant and he obeyed the order of Aladdin and provid him whatever he wants. I always thought that if I had such magic lamp it would have been so grateful.

I think fairy tales are good way to help children develop vivid imagination and good reading habits. Also by telling them stories we increase their grasping power and also power of imagination. It also increases their vocabulary and help them understand the things like king and his kingdom, some good living ways, about justification and we generate some humour in them.



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