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The Linguist and Grammar: 2

Posted by shashi on April 11, 2006

There is some conflict going on Steve's blog regarding the learning of grammar. Steve believes that grammar is totally not essential to learn a language and it is wasting of time. Instead of that you should read and listen more and more to get used to English. I have recorded my experiences about grammar and learning English. As I didn’t prepare a note for this recording, on some occasions you may find me floundered.

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The Linguist and Grammar

Posted by shashi on April 6, 2006

At the linguist, Steve has more emphasised on ‘not to concentrate on the grammar rules’. Initially when I had just started learning English, I thought that grammar was necessary to learn English. During our school days I learned English only through the grammar. In our classrooms, teachers only taught us about grammar. Our exams were also grammar oriented and they contained only grammar questions and puzzles. As a result, our whole school days were gone only on studying the grammar and nothing else.

I had completed my graduation in English only but that was just an academic English. I would give speech in English and so I was thinking that I could speak in English. When I had finished my graduation and came in real world, then only I realised that I wasn’t able to speak in English. Then I had tried different grammar books and my school’s notes on grammar, but I was not succeeded. It’s only when I joined the linguist, I have picked up my learning English. Initially I didn’t have belief in Steve’s methods. I was wondering how could it be possible to study English without studying grammar. Even though I had started to study with the linguist, I was still referring to dictionaries and grammar books. Every time when I found difficulties, I just referred to grammar books and spent a lot time on studying the grammar rule. Sooner I found that studying grammar is not only like to wasting time but also getting more confused with it. Initially I was curious about knowing the grammar behind every phrase and word, but I found that it affects fluency. As, more and more I concerned about grammar, more and more it affects my learning desire. Then I stopped learning grammar and focused only on reading and listening.

So now when I find difficult word, I just save it in the data so that I can see vast examples of sentences of that word or phrase and I can get used to that word or phrase. By doing this, I am training my brain for that word so that I can use it in my speaking. It’s really amazing but simple technique to embed words and phrases in brain.

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More idioms

Posted by shashi on February 23, 2006

 4.get/lay your hands on smt
To succeed in obtaining something 
as a kid I read anything I could lay my hands on.
If you ever get your hands on a copy, I’d love to have a look.
5.By and large
generally or mostly 
The films they show are, by and large, American imports
6.loose ends
the last few details that need to be finished or explained in order for something to be complete 
The job’s nearly done. I’m just tying up one or two loose ends at the moment.
7.get the hang of sth
to learn how to do something, especially if it is not obvious or simple:
“I’ve never used a word processor before.” “Don’t worry – you’ll soon get the hang of it.”

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Some Idioms that are intersting

Posted by shashi on February 6, 2006

1.Easier said than done

Something that you say when something seems like a good idea but it would be difficult to do 
The doctor says I should stop smoking but that’s easier said than done.

2.Buy smt that someone says
If you ‘buy’ something that someone says, it means that you believe him or her

3.Have an ear for sth

If someone has an ear for music, poetry, or languages, they are good at hearing, repeating, or understanding these sounds 
She’s never had much of an ear for languages. [Often negative]

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