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Posted by shashi on March 14, 2006


Most of the people don’t like domestic chores or housework and they find it boring but it has to be done. Housework might include vacuuming or hovering (which is cleaning carpet with the vacuum machine which sucks up dirt), dusting (which is wiping a cloth over furniture and the other objects to remove dust), washing up (which is cleaning dishes), ironing and doing the laundry.  Not every one likes doing housework, some people like one task more than others. Some people find it ok to do the things like washing and cleaning but they don’t like ironing. Most of the women love dusting. They are very good at washing up and they really like to tidy up their kitchen.If two or more people live together there is often disagreement about who should do what. In some societies people complain that it’s not fair because women do most of the work. In Spain they have even been moved to make things more equal with a law, which states the man who marry, must do half of the housework. Many women with a professional or political career also have to worry about running the home, looking after the children or even older family members and it seems that these domestic responsibilities apply only to women. Even in UK research suggests that men do less work than women although the situation has changed over the years. Men are much more involved in domestic chores than they used to be. An important part of this change has been in child’s care. In 70’s, men were spending about 15 minutes of a day on childcare and by the mid 90’s that had gone up to 2 hours a day so it has been a considerable shift. Men are contributing vastly more than they were but of course women are still doing a lion’s share in majority of household. There have been significant improvements but there is still a long way to go.


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